Vet Equipment

In House Laboratory

We are proud to promote our in-house laboratory here at James Street Vets.  Having a Haematology and Bio-chemistry and electrolytes machine, enables us to run blood samples immediately and have the results back to owners within minutes. This ensures less wait time for owners and enables treatment to start faster.

Digital X-ray

Our digital X-ray enables us to take images of your pet and can be viewed within seconds. Allowing vets to diagnose quicker and more efficiently.

We do a range of x-rays, including barium meals, contrast studies, and hip/elbow scoring.


Our ultrasound machine enables us to perform diagnostic imagery on soft tissue structures. Enabling us to diagnose any internal problems.

This is also a safe, efficient machine for diagnosing pregnancy.


This is our newest diagnostic aid, this can help identify inflammation, ulcers and tumours. The endoscope enables the Vet to see the upper digestive and respiratory system, as well as being able to take samples and remove foreign bodies.